8051 microcontroller development board / 8051 Trainer board #470

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51 series MCU development board description:
This product integrates buzzer, digital tube, LED, LCD, temperature, infrared, independent keys and many other features!
     Development board master chip DIP40 package, the use of convenient learning to replace the lock seat, compatible with STC89C52, STC12C5A60S2 and other 40-pin 51 microcontroller. Development board supports AT89S51, AT89S52 (need to use with ISP download), flexible interface, easy to understand, good expansion. Development board can be used as a master control board intelligent car can also be used in the design of graduation works, PCB board design positioning hole to facilitate the installation of debugging. Only with the gift of USB port line you can give the MCU power supply, download the program or serial communication, XP, WIN7, WIN8 is fully compatible, cost-effective high-performance, high-performance,
    The main function of the development board: power indicator, CH340G download, AT series microcontroller to use the ISP download, VCC / GND power expansion interface, P0 pull-up resistor expansion interface, P1 expansion interface, P2 expansion interface, P3 expansion interface, , Four digital display, DS18B20 temperature detection (optional), infrared receiver learning, four independent key control, buzzer alarm, LCD1602 display, LCD12864 display, MCU IO pin with all users can free extension Multifunction.


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