RC522 RFID Module #110

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Now you don’t need to know Master RFID card’s ID. Master Card can be defined when first use, just scan a card and it will become Master Card.

Now there is a Wipe Mode to wipe every record (including master card). While holding wipe button, power up your Arduino and wait 10 second without releasing wipe button, everything will be erased.

Updated Library in order to set RFID Modules Receiver’s gain to be maximum. Which increases reading distance.

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* Features *

Unlocks a Door (controls a relay actually) using a RC522 RFID reader with SPI interface on your Arduino. You define a Master Card which is act as Programmer then you can able to choose card holders who able to unlock the door or not.

* Easy User Interface *

Just one RFID tag needed whether Delete or Add Tags. You can choose to use Leds for output or Serial LCD module to inform users. Or you can use both

* Stores Information on EEPROM *

Information stored on non volatile Arduino’s EEPROM memory to preserve Users’ tag and Master Card No Information lost if power lost. EEPROM has unlimited Read cycle but 100,000 limited Write cycle.

* Easy to Modify *

You can modify code easily, you can use a Servo motor instead a relay. My apartment’s door lock uses 12vAC, when 12vAC applied it unlocks the Door. I am new to coding, and know how it is hard to understand whole code as a newbie, I tried to create fully commented code for newbies like me. Maybe its not complete but there are many comments.

* Security *

To keep it simple we are going to use Tag’s Unique IDs. It’s simple, a bit secure, but not hacker proof.

What you will need: (Minimum Setup)

1x Arduino of your choice (UNO, Nano, Pro Mini)

1x RC522 13.56MHz RFID Reader Writer (Every module with MFRC522 compatible)

1x Relay Module or Relay Circuit that you build (You can DIY or buy as module)

nx RFID Tags (Mifare 13.56 Mhz as many as users)


1x 3.3v Voltage Regulator if you don’t have any 3.3v power source. (For powering RC522 Module)


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